May 29th

This is a very exciting time of the year and many special things are happening: summer is quickly approaching, graduations will be celebrated soon; school is almost over and excitement is in the air.

The month of May draws to a close and June will soon be upon us.  May is a month in which we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in a particular way.  We had May Crownings at the school and at the Church.  May is a very appropriate time for us to focus on Mary for in May all of nature begins to bud forth in new life and Mary was the beginning of the new spiritual life that was to be ours through Jesus: through Mary our God came down from Heaven that we might have life in abundance.

June is a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We often see Jesus and Mary depicted in art with their hearts exposed and on fire.  Mary’s Immaculate Heart is often pictured crowned with flowers and with a sword piercing it (the sword foretold by Simeon); Jesus’ Sacred Heart is usually depicted crowned with thorns with a Cross above it.

The heart is a metaphor for the whole person.  Sometimes when we want to poetically speak of love we say that we love someone with our “whole heart.”  The Sacred Heart of Our Lord is also a reminder to us that Jesus truly became a human being: in Christ God really becomes one of us.

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are portrayed as on fire to show the great love that they have for each one of us.  Their love is not like the love that our hearts have: sometimes hot sometimes cold.  Their Hearts are furnaces of burning love: Jesus and Mary desire that we draw closer to them: that we become ever more fully united with God and conformed to Jesus Christ.

The Cross, the crown of thorns and the sword are reminders to us of all that Jesus and Mary suffered in order that we might be saved from the power of sin and death: they are the symbols of victory.

As we have honored Mary during this past month, let us now adore her Divine Son, in a particular way in His Most Sacred Heart during this up-coming month of June dedicated to His honor.  Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, on fire with love for us, enflame our hearts with love for You!

God bless,

Father White