November 28th

This weekend marks the beginning of a new liturgical.  The Church’s liturgical calendar starts with the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a season the Church gives to us to commemorates and renews our expectation; Advent is a season dedicated to expressing our longing for the Savior who is to come.

The focus of the season of Advent is twofold: we both recall the expectation of the Redeemer during all of salvation history leading up to Christ’s birth and we also renew our expectation and longing for Christ to come again.

Advent is a time to prepare our hearts to celebrate the coming of Christ at Christmas.  Advent is also a time to prepare our hearts and rid them of all that is not pleasing to God.  During Advent we recall in a particular way that Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead and we need to be ready to meet Him when He comes.

We were not made to live in this world forever.  This world and everything in it is passing away.  Our life in this world should be a preparation for the life of the world to come.  We ought to examine our hearts often and make sure that they are prepared to meet Our Lord.

One of the questions that we can ask ourselves during Advent is: “Do we desire Christ’s coming or are we afraid of it?”  The early Christians prayed longingly for the coming of Christ: “Come, Lord Jesus!”  Do we make that prayer our own?  Can we claim that we love Jesus Christ if we are fearful of His return in glory?  Let us use this holy season to rid our hearts of sin and all inordinate attachments that we may be ready to meet Our Lord when He comes.

An Advent Prayer: “Lord, help me to keep this holy season of Advent in my soul, that is, help me to keep a continual longing and waiting for this great Mystery wherein You, O Word, became flesh to show me the abyss of Your redeeming, sanctifying mercy.  O sweetest Jesus, You come to me with Your infinite love and the abundance of Your grace; You desire to engulf my soul in torrents of mercy and charity in order to draw it to You.  Come, O Lord, come!  I, too, wish to run to You with love, but alas! my love is so limited, weak, and imperfect!  Make it strong and generous; enable me to overcome myself, so that I can give myself entirely to You.  Amen.”

God bless,

Father White