August 1st

In the last few articles, we have been looking at the importance of daily personal prayer.  While it is true that faithfully living out our vocations from day to day is the most important thing that we do, we also noted that our work cannot replace prayer time.

Our relationship with God can only grow if we spend time talking with Him and listening to Him.  While making sure that we fulfill our daily duties, we have to also set aside time for daily prayer.

Prayer doesn’t have to be confined to our daily prayer time; we can, and should, think of God often throughout the day.  Saint Paul tells us that we are to pray always.  (cf. 1 Thess 5:17)  How can we pray without ceasing and accomplish all the things we need to do?

We can make each one of our tasks throughout the day a prayer if we simply offer it to the Lord.  Before starting each new project we can offer a quick prayer and offer the work that we are about to do for the glory of God.  We should then do that task to the best of our abilities and trust that it is a pleasing offering to God.  We can, in this way, make our whole day a prayer and thus fulfill the exhortation of Saint Paul to “pray always.”

This method of offering up all that we do also helps us get in the habit of thinking of Our Lord often throughout the day.  Again, we should not use this method to replace quiet daily prayer time, but it is a great way to help us to connect with Our Lord throughout the day.

God bless,

Father White