June 27th

This life is a journey towards God.  We were not made for this world: we were made to be happy with God forever in Heaven.  During our lives on earth we are to prepare ourselves for the life which will never end: the life of the world to come.  Prayer keeps us focused on our goal and gains for us the strength to continue the journey.  Prayer helps us to put things in their proper perspective.

Prayer is not a trivial exercise: it is an encounter with the Living God.  God loves us and desires that we come to know and love Him.  He wants us to put Him first in our hearts.  By spending time with Him in prayer, we deepen our relationship with Him.  After all, we cannot love someone we never spend time with.

Prayer is essential to the Christian life.  Prayer is to the life of the soul as breathing is to the life of the body.  Deep down our hearts long for God.  It is easy to think that some material thing or some experience will satisfy our hearts.  And yet again and again, once we have obtained that object or have had that experience, we realize that it is not enough.  No matter how much we have we will always want more.  God alone can satisfy our hearts because our hearts were made for Him.

In prayer we come to know God more and more.  It is important that we spend time with God everyday.  What should we do during prayer?  During prayer, we can bring all that is on our hearts to God.  When I bring my problems, fears, anxieties, joys, and everything else to the Lord, I become more and more aware of my dependence upon Him for everything.  Everything that we have that is good comes to us from the hand of the Lord.  We should give God thanks and praise for all the good things in our lives.  When we bring our cares and worries to the Lord, we are acknowledging that we are not in control.

Prayer time should not simply be filled up with words, however.  We also need to spend time in silence.  God speaks to our hearts in the silence.  Just trying to quiet our selves and listen to God can be challenging.  It can often happen that when we try to sit quietly we have a hard time slowing down.  Many thoughts bombard our minds: thoughts about people and situations that we have encountered throughout the day.  These thoughts can be used as the subject of our prayer.  We can pray for the persons or the situations that come to our minds, and entrust them to God.  We should not allow these thoughts to completely derail us from our attempt to quiet ourselves before Our Lord.

More next week.

God bless,

Father White