June 20th

We were not made for this world.  We were made to know, love and serve God and be happy with Him forever in Heaven.  We are pilgrims in this world; our life in this world is a journey towards eternity.  Throughout this life, we should continually be preparing ourselves for the life of the world to come.

In our spiritual lives, we are never standing still.  We are either moving closer to God or we are moving farther away from Him.  Sin is when we choose some created thing over and above the Creator and this never makes us happy.  We cannot be happy apart from God: God is the source and author of all true happiness.  God alone is able to make us happy.  Saint Augustine’s famous quote says it much better than I can: “You have made us for yourself [O God] and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

We were made for God and we will always feel empty and incomplete until we arrive at union with God.  Perfect union with God takes place in Heaven, but even now we can move towards that union with Him by means of prayer and through prayer we can have peace and happiness in this world.

The prayer that I am now referring to is not merely asking God for things.  It is important to ask God for things and it is good to do so, but prayer is meant to be more than just a list of requests.  Prayer is meant to be a conversation, by which we come to know God in an intimate and personal way.

Prayer is meant to be an encounter with God.  We should take time for prayer every day.  Each day we should make time to set aside the distractions and busyness of our daily lives and turn our hearts toward God.  When we open our hearts to God, we are doing that for which we were made.

Prayer is the most important thing that we do during the day.  It may not seem like it sometimes.  Our prayer may not be full of consolations, our prayer time may not seem like anything great happened.  But by being faithful to daily prayer, we move closer to God and that truly is the most important thing, because union with God is the goal of our very existence.

We should be faithful to daily prayer, even when we do not feel like praying; we should continue to pray even when we do not think that we are getting anything out of it.  It is like being in a boat on a lake: it is often hard to gauge progress, yet if you keep paddling, you will eventually arrive at your destination.

We can be certain that as long as we are faithful to daily prayer, God will draw us ever closer to Himself.  God is most pleased by our day-to-day fidelity.  Prayer is a journey towards God that lasts a lifetime, but its rewards are eternal.

God bless,

Father White