May 16th

As I mentioned in the last article, May is a month that is dedicated to Mary, Our Mother.  The best way to honor Our Lady is to imitate her.  Mary is a model of all virtue.  She lived her life for God alone.  No one has ever loved Jesus as perfectly as she did.  She completely surrendered herself to God.  She had total confidence and trust in Him.  In order to honor her, we should strive to give our hearts completely to her and through her to God.  Mary’s greatest desire for us is that the perfect image of the heart of Christ, her Son, would be reproduced in our hearts.

During her life Mary continually contemplated Christ in her heart.  (cf. Luke 2:19, ff.)  In imitation of Our Lady, we should always have our eyes fixed on Christ; we should continually contemplate His life, death and Resurrection.  The Rosary is a wonderful tool which we have been given to do just that: meditate upon Our Lord.

The Rosary is a prayer which is meant to help us contemplate Christ.  It is clearly Marian in nature, and yet all the mysteries attempt to help us focus on some aspect of Christ’s life.  The Rosary offers us the opportunity to contemplate the mysteries of Christ so that we can more perfectly imitate Christ in our lives.

The Rosary is also a great way to honor Our Lady and obtain her powerful intercession for ourselves as well as for others.  John Paul II said: “To pray the Rosary is to hand over our burdens to the merciful hearts of Christ and His Mother.”  (Rosarium Virginis Mariae # 25)

During this month dedicated to Our Lady, let us imitate her and meditate upon Our Lord through the frequent recitation of the Rosary.  Let us also entrust ourselves, our families as well as all our cares, burdens and worries to her through it.  Have confidence that she will safely and swiftly unite us ever more closely to Jesus if we but entrust ourselves to her maternal care.  Mary, Our Queen and Our Mother, pray for us!

God bless,

Father White