April 18th

We continue to celebrate the joy of Our Lord’s Resurrection all the way until Pentecost (fifty days all together).  It is good for us to meditate during this season upon what Our Lord has done for us by dying and rising from the dead.

By dying, Christ destroyed our death; and by rising, He restored our life.  Through His death, Christ made atonement for our sins and by rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven, He has opened the gates of Heaven to all who believe and faithfully follow Him.  Through Baptism, our slavery to sin was destroyed and we are to live in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God.

In virtue of our baptism, we have all died to sin, and grace (the very life of God) dwells within our hearts.  We no longer live for this world: we live for the world to come.  We are called to follow Christ and put sin to death in our hearts.  The forty days of Lent was a time for us to focus on rooting sin out of our lives so that we could follow the Lord in holiness.  The whole purpose of Lent is to rid ourselves of sin so that we can live in the joy of the Resurrection.

Of course rooting sin out of our lives is an on-going, life-long task.  As long as we are breathing, we will experience temptation.  We need to be constantly vigilant; and yet we can place great trust and confidence in God Who has not withheld His own Son from us.  So much does God love us and desire our salvation that He sent His Beloved Son to die in order to save us from sin and death.  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (cf. Romans 5:8).  In times of temptation, let us fly to the Lord and entrust ourselves to His merciful love.  Let us have unbounded trust and hope in Christ, Who is truly risen!  Amen.  Alleluia!

God bless,

Father White