November 22nd

Once we have prayed the Creed together, the next part of the Mass is the General Intercessions or the Prayer of the Faithful.

The priest briefly introduces the General Intercessions and then either a deacon or a member of the congregation (if there is not a deacon present) leads the congregation in the prayers.

The prayers normally follow a specific pattern.  First, we pray for the Pope and for the other shepherds of the Church (other bishops, priests, etc.); then we pray for government leaders, either our own or throughout the world.  There can then be prayers for the local community as well as prayers for the sick.  There is always a prayer for the faithful departed and finally, the last intention is usually for people for whom the Mass is being offered.

At the end of each intention, we are invited to pray to the Lord and we ask the Lord to hear our prayer.  It is very easy to make this response without thinking about it, but we should try to be attentive to what it is that we are praying for as a community and truly pray the response: Lord, hear our prayer!

The priest concludes the Intercessions with a short prayer, and then all are seated.  With the conclusion of the General intercessions, the Liturgy of the Word is completed and we begin the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  We will take up that topic, next time.

God bless,

Father White