September 20th

God created human beings with a body and an immortal soul.  Our bodies help us to convey what is within our hearts.  We can communicate through our speech; we can express love, affection, and friendship by outward gestures (e.g. hugs, handshakes and high-fives).

What we do with our bodies at Mass can also help us maintain a proper interior disposition.  When we stand, we show our respect (for the Gospel, for example).  When we sit, we assume a more receptive posture: for the other readings and for the homily.  When we kneel, we engage our bodies in our worship and adoration of Our Lord.

There are several times during the Mass when we are asked to kneel (if we are physically able to do so).  We are asked to kneel during the most important parts of the Mass, like during the Consecration when Our Lord descends from Heaven to our altar at the words of the priest.  We are asked to kneel at these various times in order to show exteriorly the adoration and reverence we should have in our hearts for our God.

Many people are in the practice of kneeling for a few minutes of prayer upon arriving in their pew.  This is a good practice, which can help us recollect ourselves and prepare for Mass.  As I mentioned before: the more we do to prepare our hearts to enter into the Mass, the more attentive we will be during the Mass.  The more attentive we are, the more our hearts will be receptive to all that the Lord wants to do in our hearts.  The Lord wants to pour His grace and His love into our hearts when we receive Holy Communion, but He never forces His grace upon us.  We have to do all that we can to be open to receiving His grace.

God bless,

Father White


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