July 26th

One of the questions that I am asked after people hear that I am a convert is: “What drew you to the Catholic Faith?”  The main thing that convinced me to join the Catholic Church was the fact that the Church has received authority to teach from Christ Himself.  Let me share with you how I discovered that Truth.

Although I had been raised Baptist, by the end of high school I had pretty much left the practice of any faith behind.  For several years I did not think about God much at all.

When I did finally begin to search for God, I had no idea where to begin.  I found trying to decipher the Bible nearly impossible.  I spoke to people of various Christian denominations and I received many different answers to my many questions and everyone quoted the Bible.  I learned that some denominations believe that a person needs to be baptized in order for them to be saved; others hold that one only needs to believe in Jesus Christ and then one is already saved.  Both groups quoted Scripture and each one contradicted the other.  I found this very frustrating.

I already believed that the Bible was the inspired Word of God; I also had a sense that God would not contradict Himself.  If God is Truth, how could He say one thing and the opposite at the same time?

I prayed fervently to know God as He really is, and not someone’s opinion of Him.  During this time of searching a Catholic engaged me in dialogue.  He told me that I should be baptized and he quoted Scripture to support the necessity of Baptism.  I asked him what made him think that his interpretation of Scripture was the correct one.  He told me about the authority that the Church received from Christ.  He explained how Jesus gave the Keys of the Kingdom to Saint Peter and how Jesus promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against the Church.  He showed me in Scripture where Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to the Apostles to lead them into all Truth.

He then explained that the authority given to the Apostles was handed down through the generations by the laying on of hands.  When I learned that there was an unbroken succession from the current Pope and the Bishops all the way back through the Apostles to Christ, and that through them the Church was preserved in Truth and could teach with the authority given by Jesus Himself, I knew that I had to become a Catholic.  There were a lot of things that I had yet to learn, but I was well on my way into the Catholic Church.

God bless,

Fr. White


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