August 16th

Over the past several weeks we have been hearing the sixth chapter of Saint John’s Gospel proclaimed at Mass on Sundays.

In the sixth chapter, we hear about how Jesus fed the crowd with the loaves and the fish and they are looking for more food.  Jesus tells the people that He is the “Bread of Life”; He doesn’t just want to satisfy their physical hunger, He wants to nourish their souls.

God is present to us in many ways.  God is omnipresent: He is everywhere.  Jesus says that He is present wherever two or three are gathered together in His name.  (cf. Mt. 18:20)  The Lord is present in the Scriptures as they are proclaimed at Mass; the priest stands in Persona Christi: in the very Person of Christ and yet all these instances of God’s presence pale in comparison to the True Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

The gift that Our Lord gives to us in the Holy Eucharist is the greatest possible gift that He is able to give, for it is the gift of Himself: body, blood, soul and divinity.

After the priest pronounces the words of institution over the bread and the wine at Mass, the bread and wine are completely changed.  After the consecration, the bread and wine are no more: all that remain of them are the appearances.  By the miracle of “transubstantiation” what looks like ordinary bread and wine is truly, really and substantially Jesus Christ.

St. Augustine once said of the Eucharist that “Although God is all-powerful, He is unable to give more; though supremely wise, He knows not how to give more; though vastly rich, He has not more to give.”

God bless,

Father White


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